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About Me

Danielle Yablonka is 22 years old, from Miami, Florida. Her love for Israel advocacy began while interning for StandWithUs in high school and has since evolved into her greatest passion. She recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelors degree in Communication Studies and with a minor in Jewish Studies. Danielle works as a Marketing and Media Consultant in the Israel nonprofit space, in addition to being a fashion model. In her free time, Danielle enjoys painting, hanging out with Holocaust survivors, and meeting new people.

Danielle attended Design and Architecture Senior High School in Miami where she studied both Fine Arts and Fashion Design. This is where she began to take her love for art and mesh it with her work as a fashion model. She has continued in this passion and used it as a vehicle to express her adoration for Judaism. Through social media platforms, she spreads knowledge and education to a diverse audience of all ages, races, and backgrounds by all means of “pretty pictures.” 

As an ambitious media expert and networker, Danielle is able to leverage her status as an influencer to not only share her experiences as a fashion model, but to educate and inspire others to speak up and proudly use their voice for peace.

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