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VoyageMIA Magazine:
Conversations with Danielle Yablonka 
[March 2023]

"I specialize in sharing personal stories to inspire others through various mediums such as art, social media, speaking engagements, professional,  and volunteer opportunities. My mission is to use my platform and voice to make a positive impact and influence people in a relatable way. At Miami Soho Beach House, I proudly serve as the youngest committee member and a creative voice for the Jewish community."

The Times of Israel:
The artistry, ancestry, and activism of Danielle Yablonka, by Jamie Evan Bichelman [Dec. 2022]

"Then, once more, the powerfully-passionate activist roars with uniform confidence and eloquence, pausing every few words as she reveals the pain, pride, power, and philosophy deep within her, the spirit of her ancestors reaching through her and grabbing my undivided attention.

“If someone dared to come up to me and tried to tell me that being a Jew is not okay,” she pauses once more, preparing the next half of her statement as her ancestors’ palpable spirit booms from within her, 'something I dreamed of doing in self-empowerment is to wear my star in a place that my grandparents could never wear it in Europe, and when I went to Poland on the March of the Living in 2019, I did just that.'"

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Sun Sentinel:
My Family's Immigration Story Comes Full Circle, by Danielle Yablonka [2022]

"The whole immigration story comes full circle. Both sides of my family had to run to survive because of their Jewish identities, and I am a product of their perseverance. Six million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust, six million that feared they would be forgotten. The people who perished wanted to be remembered, so I will remember them. I am a product of my family’s survival in the face of repeated oppression. I am the generation that will remember them. I will carry on their testimonies. I am proud of who I am and where I came from. I am the light that will never burn out."

"This week we are proud to feature Danielle Yablonka, an alumna from the Miami Leo Martin March of the Living. Inspired by her experience on the March of the Living, Danielle, an artist, went on to create pieces inspired by her journey to Poland and Israel as well as create new initiatives on campus for Israel engagement."

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